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Our Experience

9+ Years Of Experience

International Recognitions

The Founders have a vast experience of over 9 years in developing products in mobile, cloud and web. Some of these products have been covered by international publications like “New York Times” & “TechCrunch”

Some of the past work of founders have achieved international recognition in the form of “Best of Show” awards at Apple events like “MacWorld” and “Best of iTunes AppStore”

Millions of Downloads

We have built products in the past in mobile and media space which have crossed total downloads of over 35 million. Some of these products have been regularly featured and recommended by Apple.

Our Expertise

We believe that the combined power of design, cloud, mobile, & web can transform an idea into a revolution. Technology and connectivity have changed our lifestyles. Mobile, cloud & big data has changed business. In this continuing era of everything digital, we help businesses adapt to this evolving digital world with the best possible use of design, mobile, web & cloud.





Areas We Have Worked in

Cloud Technologies

Media Content

Healthcare & Fitness

Networking Platforms

Hyper-local Services


Media Hardware

Enterprise Systems

Consumer Apps

Religious Apps

Arts & Technology

Real Estate


Key Services

Product Strategy

  • Conceptualise product ideas
  • Define product features
  • Find product market fit
  • Metrics for traction measurement
  • Analytics to user insights
  • Scaling user base
  • Building cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud architecture
  • API design
  • Mobile app architecture
  • Identifying technologies & frameworks
  • Native apps for Apple desktops
  • Sanboxing
  • Creating apps for Mac AppStore
  • Python
  • Apache
  • Ngnix
  • Google DataStore
  • Firebase
  • Adaptive web pages
  • Multiple resolutions support
  • Dynamic content
  • Native Photo Ads
  • Pre-roll video Ads
  • Ads on both mobile & web
  • Development of Apple Watch apps
  • Design services custom to Apple Watch experience
  • Apps which interact with fitness devices
  • Customisation of apps bundled with devices
  • Bluetooth interactions using Android frameworks
  • Apps which interact with devices using Bluetooth
  • Transcoding
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Scaling Technologies
  • Videos, Photos, Music
  • Video On Demand
  • Image Processing
  • Audio Modulations
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular JS
  • JavaScript
  • Material Design
  • Native Android Apps
  • Mobile & tablet
  • Development of Frameworks
  • Quality Assurance
  • Native iOS Apps
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Development of Frameworks
  • Quality Assurance
  • Centrally manage content
  • Business logic
  • Back office controls
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Realtime databases
  • No SQL databases
  • NodeJS
  • Marketing strategies
  • Identify business opportunities

Growth Metrics

Product Definition

Product Positioning

Cloud/Server Technologies

Cloud Services

Content Management

Solution Architecture

App Development

iOS Development

Android Development

macOS Development

Web Technologies

Web Backend

Web Frontend


Media Technologies

Media Processing

Media Streaming

Ad Servers

Wearables & Wireless

Apple Watch

Fitness Accessories

Bluetooth Interactions





Looking for Help in Design ?

Design is at the core of everything we do. We believe that design has a staring power to transform a product from good to great. If you are a team who excels in technology but need directions with design, then we would love to collaborate with you on your ideas and help you shape them through design.

Some of Our Recent Clients

A Glimpse of Some of Our Work

The modern times have seen a beautiful influence of technology on arts, be it in terms of art creation or art awareness, information or display. We have created mobile & web platforms for art enthusiasts, enabling them to showcase art details and create archives of art exhibitions in museums  across the world.

In the rapidly developing Internet and social age, content is the king. Traditional media companies like TV, news etc are exploring the mobile, web and cloud to increase their reach. Mobile and web also provide them additional channel to increase monetisation

E-Commerce is booming in India and content of television and Bollywood has always been the king. We have developed libraries for a company that is at the intersection of these two. It uses the content hosted on website and mobile and drives traffic to e-commerce.

In the quest to improve the visual experience of interactions in complex systems, we have stretched to the horizons of the 3rd dimension in visuals and created stunning 3D visuals for touch based enterprise systems which are consumer facing, for pleasant user experiences in day to day use.

With e-commerce booming in today’s digital economy, we  have had the pleasure to work on some of the aspects of this industry. Created a mobile market place for buying and selling pre-owned products, specially a majority of them targeted to the feminine taste.

We have worked closely with enterprises customers in simplifying their needs of displaying complex amounts of data and information. Through the power of design we have successfully created information and control management dashboards, with the aim to beautify the boring world of numbers and controls.

IOT and automations have started to show a growing trend in the digital and hardware world in the recent times. In this journey to a connected and automated future of daily living, we have helped companies in visualising easy ways to create systems for consumers to interact with automations in homes, as well as industries, through design, interactions and visuals.

In the area of Financial Marketplaces, we have worked with clients and helped them communicate their new ideas and concepts related to stock markets, trading and portfolio management, through design of their web assets.

Being at the junction of technology & Arts

Innovative products in the intersection of media & e-commerce

Simplification of complex enterprise environments

Visuals with the 3rd dimension

World of IOT & automations

Created Digital Platform & Assets for Media Companies in Real Estate Business

Mobile & E-commerce

Creating ease in understandings of Financial Marketplaces

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