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Developers are increasingly building a lot of

Content dependent businesses










Brand building


Youtube Channels

and many more

Problems We Solve

Some of the problems developers face in building a scalable, content centric infrastructure are:

Cost & time of building an infrastructure from scratch

Cloud, CMS, native mobile, Web app, Ad network, video processing, CDN, User management, Analytics are some of the components that are a staple of modern content system. It is expensive to build then from scratch

Multi-platform support

Most of the CMS solutions are page centric and not content centric. But customers want to target as many platforms as possible or at least mobile and web.  Including platforms like mobile, TV and others pose challenge

CMS solutions miss on the benefits of cloud

It poses a challenge while scaling or at times with the performance of the content management and delivery

Including videos as content is complex

Running cost of the entire infrastructure should be low

CMS should be simple enough to be used by non tech members

You need to build a workflow from video ingestion, processing, and streaming to web, mobile and other devices is complex

For most content dependent business monetisation with ads and subscription take time to deliver revenues

Running the platform with even complex works flow like video ingestion, Ad network management should be simple

A modern CMS does not just manage content

It should not only manage content but also the other aspects of running a modern content business like managing users, analytics, business process and monetisation options like Ads and subscriptions, engagement options like notifications and so on

The pain of adding features to the CMS or customising it

Every customer comes with customisations. It is quite a time consuming and complex process to build a platform as per the features and customisations that the user requires

Targeting content startups is prohibitive because of the costs involved

With increased connectivity, drop in data prices and mobile reach, there is an increase in content startups. But it is challenging to sign up them as customers because the infrastructure building cost is high

How JETS Help?


It will manage the lifecycle of content from ingestion, processing, packaging, discovery and delivery. The CMS can be customised in branding and style and new features can be added to it.


A responsive website template like YouTube to reach the web users who still have the lowest entry barrier. This template can be customised with any branding, styles and features

Mobile Apps

A well designed Android and iOS native app to best present your content, increase engagement and monetisation. The mobile apps are templates which can be customised with any branding, styles and features.

Types of Customisations


Modern & Speedy

Modern tech stack

  • Build with components from GCP and AWS
  • Use of micro services architecture for easier customisation and addition
  • NoSQL, SQL and real time database used for functions suiting them
  • Node.js, Python, JavaScript & AngularJS
  • Native Android and Native iOS

Speed of development & deployment

In case of minor customisations it can be as less as a week

CMS workflow

Manage content workflows, Users, Ads, app notifications, Analytics, Access control lists, all in one place

Multiple Content Types

Your content can be photo, video, short text, audio

Supports video, image, short text. Can be extended to support audio & HTML too

Video on the rise

Video usage in content dependent business is on the rise. Manage the entire workflow of videos from ingestion to delivery using CDN, Ads and also DRM. We also have custom video processing that can drive down the transcoding cost

User interaction features

Features for the user to like, dislike, comment, see trending and recent content are also available.

Low Cost and Secure

Multi-tenancy to reduce running cost

You can reduce running cost by hosting mulitple customers with low usage on the same infrastruture

Low running cost

Apart from multi-tenancy, you can deploy it on vary scale - on a small instance, to a GCP App Engine or on a serverless setup of AWS. The database, bandwidth, storage are all billed as per the use thus managing cost better

Content security requirements by customer

Content can be hosted and delivered from customer accounts.  It meets security requirements and also helps the customer manage the cost of the operations himself


Adding features

You can write your own API's or micro service and extend the features of the system. With enterprise plans, you will also get access to the source to modify or extend the platform further

Customising look and feel

With the API's provided by the CMS, you can use them and write your mobile or web app. You can also write the client code in the language of your choice 

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