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We are a design and technology focused company working in the area of cloud, mobile, web & AR. We have products in the media and photography industry. We have created utility apps for Mac desktop and Android mobile. We also help businesses with our design and development services.

We have products for content oriented businesses and the photography industry. We have a media infrastructure solution called “JETS” for any content oriented business to go digital. In the photography industry we have a platform called “Studioconnect.co” for photographers, to connect their customers directly with their studios. 


Tech & Design Services

We create utilities & tools which solves problems in the small things we do every day for Mac desktops & mobile phones. Our Mac apps on Apple’s AppStore have been in the top paid utilities in countries like France & India. 

We help businesses build their products and solutions with our design and development services in the domains of cloud, web & mobile. Some of our clients include L&T, Intel, Cisco, Motorola, Sequoia & Hitachi.


Rahul has a strong experience of building and managing product teams of designers and engineers.  In the 15 years he was in the mobile media space, he has created a portfolio of products which have together garnered more than 30 million downloads worldwide. A majority of these products have been covered by NewYork Times, TechCrunch, Gizmodo and a host of global publications. The products have won prestigious awards like AppStore Best of 2012, MacWorld Best of Show (the largest Apple event) , NASSCOM Emerge awards , VCCircle and so on. The apps have been ranked among the top grossing and ranking apps in the store. He has also been recognised by global tech influencers like Robert Scoble and also the CNBC Young Turks.


He has technical expertise on mobile platforms and cloud technologies. He has strong domain expertise in media (capture, processing and delivery) related technologies and technologies around real time data hosting, management and delivery. In the last 2 years he has built platforms having components of mobile, web and cloud.

Kanishka (Keny) is a graduate of National Institute of Design in the discipline of Industrial Design and has over 12 years of experience working in the industry with a variety of clients like LG Electronics, & Vodafone. Some of the past products designed by him in the areas of lifestyle and electronics have won Japanese design awards and have received noteworthy recognition in the industrial design domain. He has been in the area of mobile and media space since the past 7 years with various successes with products on Apple’s Mac & iTunes App Store. Some of the software products designed by him in the past have won prestigious awards like Apple’s AppStore Best of 2012 and MacWorld Best of Show (the largest Apple event) multiple times. Some of these apps have been features by Apple and have been top grossing and ranking on the store.


With a strong background in product design and interaction design, he has an experience of working on a variety of projects in the areas of home electronics, telecommunication, lifestyle products, mobile and desktop apps, enterprise services and systems, consumer products and apps in media, entertainment and utilities. Some of his recent clients for projects in interaction and system design involve L&T, Cisco, Motorola, Hitachi & Intel.

Our Team

Nikitha Kamath

Nikitha is a cloud developer with an expertise in backend development and deployment using cloud services of Google, Amazon, performance tracking and so on.

Deeksha Pai

Deeksha is a web frontend developer with an experience in cloud based applications, responsive web design and Vuejs.

Manjunatha HP

Manjunatha is a developer with an experience in cloud based technology applications for Android, iOS and macOS platforms.

Rajkiran Shetty

Rajkiran is a web developer with expertise in web frontend technologies with responsive web design, Vuejs, Angularjs, cloud based technologies, and content management system creations.

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