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Content Management System (CMS)

Photos, Videos, Text

Manages all of video, photo and text content and its details

Content Details

Content details from title, description, tags to details specific to your domain and use case

Content Categories

Content can be grouped around categories, supports grouping of categories too. 

Custom Thumbnails for your content

Control the thumbnails of the videos and present them in the way you find appropriate and suitable

Ad Network

Build and run your own ad network with targeting ads to your content

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to users for greater engagement 

Manage Users

A central place to manage the users of the system

User Access Control

Control access of a group of users to a set of content

Search & Filter

Search and filter options for content, users and others

Access Control Lists

With access control lists, you can restrict which groups of users can access what content.


You can easily create and manage lists of users and change their access to specific content anytime. You can also provide or  restrict complete access to specific users using this feature. 

Ad Network Integration

Integrate ad network in your system to control and run your own ads. There are two types of ads supported:

1. Native Photo Ads

These are photo ads which appear in between the different content items while scrolling through the category content.

2. Pre-roll Video Ads

These are video ads which appear on the videos before the video starts playing.

CMS on Mobile

Upload Videos

Upload Photos

Create Text Posts

Add, Edit, Manage Content Details

Publish/Un-publish Content


Content Storage

Storage of content can be at the customer account (currently customer's Amazon is supported)


Hosting of server components can be on the customer account for a one-time licensing fee

Flexible Servers

Server can be deployed in different geographical locations


Provides API's to independantly develop apps and web site around your use case and content


Content delivery can be orchestrated through CDN of choice. Preferred and ready : Amazon CloudFront


Based on micro-services architecture


Multi-tenancy support


Adaptive Streaming

Adaptive bitrate based on network speed and devices


HLS & DASH formats supported

Multiple Bitrates

Supports upto 8 bitrates per format

Live Streaming

Live streaming supported  with recording from mobile, video camera and desktop.

Offline Downloads

Offline downloads for Android with DRM support


Both encryption (for HLS) and DRM options available

Mobile Apps & Responsive Web Templates

Mobile & Tablet Apps

Natively built apps for mobile with tablet support ( Universal apps)

Multiple Media Support

Supports videos, photos, live streaming and text content

User Acquisition

User acquisition features like social share & App Invite on Android


Monetisation of content: Subscription and Freemium

Content Discovery

Content discovery featurs like Trending, Featured, Recent, Others watching


Like/Dislike, real-time comments, views and customised interactions

Search Content

Search content based on tags. Advanced search also available which is based on content and description


Preroll video Ads & Nativephoto Ads

Player Customisations

Player customisation and manual bit rate change support

UI Customisations

Custom content layout specific to your need


Recommendation with Machine learning

Related Videos

Related videos to a video

Multiple Login Methods

Phone number, social login, email/password

Full Screen Browsing

Full screen content browsing on mobile and web


Realtime comments on all content & live chat on live streaming videos

Facebook Comments

Facebook comments integration

Social Share

Share content on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Email


Receive notifications when new content is published

Analytics & Targeting

Mobile analytics and targeting segments of users through notifications: E.g.: All users from Canada who have watched this category gets the following notification


Top Content

Top content based on user activities like views, likes and comments

Viewing Behaviour

Track viewing behaviour on Android and web

Category Specific

Top content in different categories based on views, likes, comments.

Time Specific Analytics

View analytics for selected range of time

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