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“ My wonderful wife’s Desktop has dozens, perhaps hundreds, of files scattered everywhere. If you’re like my wife, QuickShift could make your life much easier.”


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“ QuickShift est un utilitaire qui entend simplifier le tri et le rangement de tous les fichiers qui trainent sur votre Mac.”

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How many of us have our Desktop

Desktop and computer clutter

Clutter and desktop clutter in particular, is a problem that a lot of people and blogs talk about.

There have been many solutions presented to avoid clutter. And rarely do these solutions work, simply because they are not compatible with human nature and habit :) We cannot exist being so organised every single day. It takes too much effort and discipline.

Read about clutter problem

And when file clutter happens...

Cleanup clutterOr

We Go On a
Clean Up Spree

File and folder clutter....

We Just Dump Files into a
Clutter Folder

Clean up and Clutter cycle

Clean Up & Clutter Cycle
Keeps Repeating

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Clean Up Spree

We are in a hyper organisation mission where we do tons of drag and drop, create lots of new folders and spend a considerable time matching content to its right folder. This happens when we are really desperate or in the "let's get my life right" kind of mood.

Clutter Folder Solution

We drag all the files and folders on our desktop and drop them to a 'Clutter' folder. This repeats again when the clutter folder ends up in another clutter folder and so on it goes. This is especially employed during presentations.

Clutter & Clean Up Cycle

One thing that is certain is the this cycle of cluttering and cleanup will keep happening. And cleanup or organizing is not fast and it is a repetitive, mind numbing process.

QuickShift is the fastest tool to clean up and organize your Mac

Because we can't avoid cluttering our computers

QuickShift is the fastest tool
to clean up and organize your Mac

Instant access

Instant Access to your most used folders
from anywhere

Move files to QuickShift by just drag and drop files to icon in status bar

Drag & drop to icon in status bar

Drag and drop files on app window and then move or copy

Just drag & drop files on the
app window

Move files to QuickShift using Mac Services Menu

Right click on files and select
Services > Move with Quickshift

Lazy to drag & drop ?

Just select files & press Command+1

QuickShift workflow for move and copy files

Select files in


Choose a folder in QuickShift
to move/copy to that folder

* The above feature requires you to download & drop a QuickShift Script to Home Folder > Library > Application scripts > com.growthbeats.quickshift
More options


Mac’s drag & drop with QuickShift
Power Features

Power move

Power Move/Copy

Auto create new sub-folders while moving/copying files

With Power move, you can create folders, just before
you move or copy. It is powerful enough to create multi
levels of folders.

Create subfolders while moving and copying files

Know more

For instance you can type the following

Create folder heirarchy to move and copy files

This will create new folders “Trips”, “Weekends"
and “New York” if they don't exist and move or
copy the content to folder “New York”

Invariably, when we are on a cleaning spree, we create
new folders for contents based on project, customer,
type of content, events as in the case of photos and
so on.

And most of the times we realize this when we have
already started dragging files and about to drop.
Then we stop our drag, open the destination (Photos,
Projects..), create new folders and then drag content
again. Power Move solves this problem.

Instant access

Instant Access

Your most used folders are a command
way. Move or copy to them without
drag and drop.

Move and copy files to your most used folders
Deep move

Deep Move/Copy

Move files to deeper folders
within your most used folders for
better organization.

Fastest way to move and copy files

Brings the power of Apple’s Open panel to your fingertips
starting from the location you want

More Features

QuickShift Hotkey

QuickShift Shortcut

Use shortcut to instantly open Quickshift anytime

Faster way to access drive

Auto-Detect External Drives & Copy Files to Them

See your external drives in QuickShift to directly copy files to them

QuickShift is also present in the status bar or menu bar

Quick Access

QuickShift resides in the menu bar to instantly open and move files

Undo option for move/copy


Undo your last move/copy if you think it wasn’t right

QuickShift is also part of Mac Services Menu

Right-Click Options

Move files & folders across your Mac & add most used folders to QuickShift using right-click service menu options

Copy files and folders with option key pressed

Copy Files

Press & hold “ALT/option” while choosing your most used folders to copy the selected files instead of moving them

QuickShift throws notification on Destkop Clutter

Notification to Remind You to Clean Up Clutter

QuickShift reminds you to clean up when your Mac starts
to get cluttered with files.

QuickShift is the most useful tool for your Mac files and folders
Download on the Appstore

For Mac OSX Yosemite (10.10) & El Capitan (10.11)